Saturday, October 24, 2009

Amazing Maize Maze

Surprise! Instead of being rainy and cold, today was beautiful! It was an awesome autumn day--not too hot, not too cold, and the sun decided to come out from behind the clouds for once. It was a perfect day for playing in a field of corn, so we visited a local farm with a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and other fall activities.

First, we saw a few animals. I'm pretty sure this guy is scheduled to be a guest at the farmer's Thanksgiving dinner.Then we ran around in a hay bale maze. Such memories! My siblings and I used to run amok in my dad's hay bales all the time. SO fun!Guess who we randomly ran into at the farm! We had no idea that Rachel's family would be at the farm at the same time we were. We would have went at a different time if we had known. JUST KIDDING, Rachel my love! I was so excited to see our friends at the farm and that we got to spend a bit of time with them.Mom, Courtney, and Sawyer were at the farm with us, but they ended up leaving after we waited for the hay wagon ride to take us to the corn maze for around 45 minutes. Overall our visit was fun and worth the trip, but the wait was ridiculous. Thankfully, there were things for Colter to do while we waited.
Colter loved running around in the corn!Fun times!

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Rachel said...

Hello friend -
As old as Mr. Turkey looked, I'm not sure he would be good eating anymore :)

Can you send me the pic of my family as well as the big preggo pic of me from this summer? Or just the albums and I can download - whatever works for you!