Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, so I got to do what I wanted to do, and I wanted to go on a family hike and go shopping, so WE DID. First, we made the trip to Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and I got to go on a nice stroll through the fall colors with my two favorite boys. The trails were a little wet, but there happened to be a break in the rain while we were at the park, so really, the weather was pretty much perfect! We took a trail to a natural bridge that we weren't able to make it to during a previous visit to the park.

Weird, red, Ha Ha Tonka bugs
We are super smart hikers and didn't look at any maps before we started walking down the trail and didn't know exactly where or how far we were going. We thought we were walking to the natural bridge and back, but the trail actually went on past the bridge and circled around another route back to the parking lot. When we first passed the bridge, we didn't realize that's what it was--it was cool, but I think we were expecting something a bit more dramatic or at least a rock formation over a creek. Maybe in the spring there's running water for the rock to form a bridge across, but we didn't take the rock that we walked under as a bridge since it didn't go over any water. Anyway, we walked passed what was the bridge, but we didn't know it, and I didn't take any pictures, partly because I didn't realize that was the bridge and partly because I thought we would walk under the cool rock again on our way back. We didn't. We ended up walking around back to the car and I hadn't taken any pictures! So while I ran down the slippery, rocky hill to take pictures, John and Colter lounged about on a bench and played with the leaves for a few minutes.
Colter found a giant leaf bigger than his head! It's hard to tell how big the leaf was from the angle in the picture, but trust me, it was a big leaf. It was a bit windy, and we had fun trying to catch leaves as they fell from the trees.After our walk, we got some frozen custard to celebrate my second 29th birthday and then hit the outlet mall in Osage Beach where I bought my own birthday presents. It was a good day!


Rachel said...

Those are really weird bugs, I've never seen anything like them!!!

Love you and Happy (29th wink wink) Birthday - so glad I still have the pleasure of saying I'm 29 without winking - j/k :)

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