Friday, October 9, 2009

A Fish Story

Once upon a time there was a man who loved aquarium fish. He was a true aquarium fish enthusiast; at one point, he even had four (maybe five?) fish aquariums up an running at the same time! Basically, he was a fish nut. Which is odd, because this man who enjoyed fish so much, doesn't like the water. He doesn't like water sports at all. live in the water. Oh, he doesn't like to go fishing or to eat fish either. It seems strange that the fish man likes fish in some situations but not others. I bet the bass in the nearby lakes were jealous of the attention fish man paid to his guppies. Anyway, whether it makes sense that the man who hated water like to have gallons and gallons of it sitting around his house or not, the fish man had lots of time and money invested into his fish habit. In fact, that just may be why when fish man got married when he was almost 28 years old, he didn't own a house or have any money saved up. He had invested all his moola into fish (or fast food and pizza).

After years and years of caring for fish, the fish man finally burned out. When the last tank he had set up only had one fish in it for over a year, he decided he wanted to take down his family's pretty 45 gallon fish tank and put it into storage! Fish man's wife, who really hadn't messed with the fish much decided she must take over. The house would seem so strange without a fish tank! His wife read about fish care and decided it wouldn't be too difficult to start maintaining the aquarium. She learned about nitrates, nitrites, ph, and other stuff that affected aquarium water and became.....FISH WOMAN!
The pretty tank...
Resident CatfishBabies!
The funny thing is, after fish woman started caring for the tank, fish guy suddenly became interested in fish again! Now that he no longer has to worry about vacuuming up fish poo and making biweekly water changes because fish woman takes care of that, he is back to enjoying fish. Several fish have had babies (one guppy had over 35!), and the fishy couple have had fun taking care of the fish together. The couple's son, fish boy, loves the hobby too; the local pet store own even gave him two fish yesterday for free just because he could tell how much the boy liked fish. Maybe hobbies are more fun when the whole family participates.


Rachel said...

Awe - fish boy got two free fish, that's awesome!! Funny how John was more interested after the icky part of having fish was taken care of :) j/k John - big hugs

Gina said...

Love the fish story!

Gina said...
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