Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Sync

On Thursday mornings, Colter's friend Carter often comes to visit for a little while. The boys have really started to get into mischief together as they get older and actually play together more. On this particular Thursday, the boys appeared to be playing peacefully with Little People, so I went into the kitchen to do some dishes. When I started to hear lots of giggles and banging noises, I ran back to Colter's room and discovered this....Two monkeys jumping on the bed! One of which, Carter not Colter, is picking his nose by the way (I'm sure Carter's mommy loves me bring attention to that). They had filled the crib with toys and climbed in. I didn't know HOW these wild apes got into the crib so quickly; Colter had only climbed into his bed a few times before, so I got them out and stood in the hallway peeking in to see what they would do.

They moved Colter's toy piano right by the crib to use as a step. Colter climbed into the crib first, and then Carter climbed up on the piano. Carter lifted his legs up to climb over the crib, couldn't quite make it, so Colter pulled Carter the rest of the way in. What teamwork!

Check out this series of pictures taken one right after the other. Did they plan this?

Eyes closed...Mouths open...Serious faces...
Seriously? How did that happen? Can you imagine what these guys will pull off when they're in high school?

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Rachel said...

Ha - those silly boys - they did have awesome teamwork though - you know Riley never did crawl in or out of her bed the whole time we had it up - isn't that crazy.