Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween! Over the past few years, it has become a family tradition to have a Halloween party each fall at my parents' house. Costumes are required and the menu features creepy cuisine. Even though the party is a fairly new tradition, there's been lots of fun memories and hilarious moments--like my grandfather not recognizing my aunt because of her hilly-billy-man costume, my uncle being pretend slaughtered by my hockey-mask-wearing sister and giving the little kids nightmares, a poor motorcyclist just happening to have a wreck on the highway my parents live on the same night as the party and opening eyes to see a bunch of ghouls and goblins trying to offer assistance, etc. etc. etc. Lots of fun times that get crazier every year!

Colter's grandma and grandad gave Colter a lion costume this year, so I decided to be all adorable and choose themed costumes for our family. We were The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! (Can you tell I'm a book worm?) Colter was the lion, I was the evil white witch, and John was the wardrobe. He wore a robe, and we put a sticker on him that said "ward." Hee hee. :)

BOO! Oh, wait. These cutie-pie cousins aren't very scary--they're just darn CUTE!Costumed Cousins--Oh, and Uncle Sawyer the mummy.

Part of the fun is making "gross grub." Most of is doesn't actually taste gross if one and bring herself to swallow it. Some of the food looks pretty disgusting, like this kitty litter casserole. Eww! It actually wasn't bad. We dine on things like simple pimples, skin and bones, eyeballs, witch's brew, monster toes, etc. It's pretty interesting.

We play games like bobbing for apples, and this year Poppy took us all on a very eventful haunted hayride. Lots of silly (scary!) fun!

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