Friday, November 13, 2009

Moments with Our Boy or "The Floor Hurt My Eyebrow"

While putting a hair clip in my hair than taking it out, putting it in, and taking it out, Colter ended up with a strand of my hair. He immediately said, "Oh dear! I fix it Mommy!" and preceded to try and attach the piece of hair back to my head.

When we were taking a walk, Colter and I were discussing the colors of different things around us. We say green grass, brown trees, and the blue sky. Colter noticed the one cloud up in the sky, and said, "There's a white cloud. (Sadly) I can't reach it. I can fly up to it though!" I want to know more about that statement--did he mean in an airplane? Does he think he can fly like a bird? Hmm... I guess I'll never know what he had in mind.

Sometimes Colter and I build a "nest" out of pillows and blankets on his floor if he's having trouble sleeping. I lie with him on his floor until he falls asleep and then sneak back to my bed. One morning after Colter had ended up on the floor, he woke up and came into our room and crawled in bed with us. He asked me why I wasn't on the floor with him anymore, and I told him the floor hurt my back, so I had come back to sleep in the bed. He nodded knowingly and stated, "the floor hurt my eyebrow."

Whenever I suggest something Colter decides he would like to do, or if he comes up with something he is trying to get me to let him do--anything from watch Little Bear to taking a bubble bath, he says "That would be nice." So cute!

The other night Colter kept getting books one at a time from his bedroom and giving them to me on the couch to read to him. After we had read around a dozen books, he brought in his Bible for me to read. I read a few verses from random pages and then he took it and started reading to me. He opened it up and started to read, "God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food."

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