Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Hoodlumish Boy and a Hat

Colter seemed a bit bored today. I found him pretending to be a cat and using a roll of paper towels as a ball of yarn.

Where did your sock go, kitty cat?

While I love his adventures in imaginative play, sometimes Colter needs a project to keep him busy and to keep him from unrolling an entire roll of paper towels all over are not-so-spotless-at-the-moment kitchen floor. has so many craft projects for kiddos suffering from cabin fever. I found this project, and Colter and I made a really cute tiger stocking cap! We used fabric glue, so it was no-sew-project and really easy.

The model was a tad uncooperative. And grumpy. Who would have thought sweet Colter could look so hoodlumish. Hoodlumish...hmmm...I like that word. Perhaps I should call Mr. Merriam Webster and Co. Maybe they'll pay me 2.2 million dollars for making up a new word. Then I could buy a country estate. With a pool. And a hammock. But I digress. Here's a more cooperative model and the hat a few days later. Isn't it cute? It was a fun, easy project that has a purpose unlike a lot of our craft projects that mysteriously disappear. I can't imagine where all our toilet paper roll creatures run off to....

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