Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muddy Muddy Mud

Sometimes, when little boys play at the park, it is absolutely necessary to strip them down before getting in the car to go home. Today was one of those days. Colter went to play with two of his best buds, Cougar and Carter at the muddy park (Colter, Cougar, and Carter are quite a trio--there all within two months of age and equally mischievous). It was a relatively warm day but supposed to get cold again soon, so even though all the melting snow has resulted in a mucky playground, we thought we had better take advantage of the 50 degree day.

Colter and Cougar didn't mind the mud. Carter didn't at first, but after he realized just how muddy mud is, he changed his mind.
Muddy Buddies!
Colter got so muddy, that I had to take his pants and shoes off before we went home. He thought it was hilarious to get to ride home in his diaper. :)

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