Monday, February 15, 2010

Story Time

We love story time at the library! Once a week, we go to the library to sing songs, dance, listen to stories, make a craft, and get new books. The program is for kids three and under, and when we first started going to story time in the fall, Colter didn't know what to think. All the other babies and toddlers got up and sang, but Colter sat on my lap. No matter how many times Miss Mallory tried to bribe him to get up and dance, he sat on my lap. When she tried to get him to come closer to the story, he--you guessed it, sat on my lap. He was a lap-loving nonconformist.

As you can see from these pictures though, he finally buckled under the pressure. Now as soon as we walk in the library doors, he sprints to the middle of the story rug and is ready for songs. He follows every motion Miss Mallory does during the songs like a little robot. So much for nonconformity! He now takes dance and motion time very seriously and wouldn't think of staying on my lap. Who needs Mommy, anyway?

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