Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Great Big Bad Biker Man Boy

So, my boy isn't all that big or bad, but I heard that Toby Keith song with those lyrics earlier today, so it sounded good. To those of you that, like my mom, would rather stick your head in an oven and crank up the gas than listen to country music, don't worry about who he is. You wouldn't like him. Trust me.

I'm a country girl at heart and am getting kinda tired of living in town, but I have to admit there are some advantages. We have a lot of fun at the parks and trails in our town. Partially because it's just hard to learn how to ride a bike on gravel roads and partially because my parents are cruel and like to deprive their children (kidding, Mom, kidding!), I didn't have a bike or learn to ride one until first grade, but Colter will probably be zipping around on a two-wheeler in the next year or two. It's a lot easier to ride a bike on asphalt! At a park near our home with a great walking trail, he drives circles around us on his tricycle. He loves his tricycle!

Any forestry experts out there? What kind of tree is this? There is a grove of these trees along the trail, and we don't know what they are. They could be my friends, but I need to be introduced.


Leesa said...

EXXXXXXXXXXCUSE Me Missy, but I HAVE to correct you! You had ride on toys and a tricycle LONG before you were in first grade! :P It's not my fault if your memory is bad!
I have to say your description of my opinion of country ..(I cannot in good conscience call that junk music) is accurate though :)

Leesa said...
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Jenelle said...

EXXXXXXXXXXXXCUSE me, mother, dear but learn to read more carefully. I said I didn't have a BIKE, until first grade. I know I had a tricycle and such, but I did not have a bike until Daddy fixed up that old blue one which came from who knows where (well, you probably do). I DID NOT actually have a brand new two-wheeler bike until that ten-speed you bought me on the last day of school one year after we lived in the new house. I don't remember what year that was though---fourth? Hmm....

Leesa said...

EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXCUSE me Jenelle, you should learn to write with more clarity. By using the generic term "bike" with photos of a darling boy on a THREE wheeler you implied that you were including more than just 2 wheeled bicycles. However I will overlook it this one time. lol
p.s. I think you were in third grade when you got the 10 speed bike, but I cannot be 100% certain.

Jenelle said...

I can totally delete your smart-aleck comments, MOM.

P.S. Yeah, I can't remember if it was third or fourth either. Probably third because that was the year we moved, but I remember it was kind of a last day of school reward type thing, and I didn't like my 4th grade teacher, so maybe you got it for me because I survived? I don't remember. We need to look at the photo albums.