Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Bit Domineering, Perhaps?

My two-year-old is turning into a fashion control freak. He's been very enthralled with my hair his whole life (he used to hold onto my hair while he nursed or while being rocked to sleep, and I've always said my hair is his security blanket), but over the past few months, he has taken to telling me how to wear it. Some days he insists on a ponytail, other days he wants me to wear my hair down. A couple days ago, I parted my hair in the middle instead of on the side like usual, and the little goofball freaked out. It seems odd that that a almost-three-year-old boy cares about his mommy's hair, but whatever.

Lately, his concern for my appearance has moved to other areas. He's decided that I must wear a bracelet anytime we go to the church for any reason, and he likes to pick out which one. He also loves picking out my earrings for me. Last week, I put on what I thought was a cute top, and as soon as he saw me, he said, "MOMMY, I don't like that shirt!" Today, I had on a pair of gray flip flops, and he said, "NO, Mommy, you need to wear the pink ones!" So even though, there was absolutely no pink in my ensemble, I wore the pink flip flops; it was easier than arguing with the shoe Nazi. When this boy grows up, he is either going to have a career in fashion, or be a very controlling husband.

P.S. Those of you who know about my mission to blog every day for thirty days didn't think I was going to make it, did you? I've still got three hours to spare. :)

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Rachel said...

How did you know I was missing your blog post yesterday :) Glad you made your deadline, you are so good. I think you should extend it though because it makes me feel like I see you more this way!!