Thursday, June 3, 2010

Seventeen Uses for a Sarong

Sarong - a loose garment made of a long strip of cloth wrapped around the body that is worn by men and women chiefly of the Malay Archipelago and the Pacific islands (Thank you Webster)

Last Saturday, my friend Gina and I purged our unwanted items and had a yard sale.  We had episodes of craziness when professional yard salers were throwing our junk and offers at us left and right, intentionally trying to fluster us so they could walk away with some steals to probably resell in their flea markets, but we also had times with no customers.  Yard sale customers seem to come in flocks, and when it was just Gina and me, our entertainment was a pink sarong Gina bought on her honeymoon in Cancan that has been unused for seven years.  I guess after seven years, honeymoon souvenirs lose their sentiment.

I never realized what a versatile article of clothing a sarong is, but in the moments of garage sale goofiness that kept us from passing out from boredom while waiting for somebody to come buy all our stuff, Gina and I came up with a lot of different uses for sarongs.  When we were customerless, we came up with some sort of purpose for the sarong, I would model it and attempt to take my own picture or have Gina take it, and then quickly sit down as if I were a completely normal person and not an insane, sleep deprived, sarong model whenever a new customer showed up.  I'm sure my neighbors were amused. 

Here's some of what we came up with.
A sarong can be a skirt, a blanket, a hijab, a headband, a halter dress, a ponytail holder, or a sleeveless dress.

OR a bra, the hunk of material that flies in the wind when models pose as demonstrated by model Gina, a scarf, a shawl, a turban, a beauty pageant sash, a mini-skirt, chaps, and an ankle bracelet.  The naked boy running through the yard has nothing to do with a sarong.  I just needed a picture for that spot, and he could have used a sarong to wear since he evidently has no clothes.  No clue who he is by the way.  I certainly wouldn't let my son run around in the yard without his clothing. 

Now, instead of trying to sell your souvenir sarong at a yard sale, you can use my ideas to actually use it!  Gina must not have been impressed with them though because when nobody bought her sarong, she gave it to me.  YES!  Now I can sell all my other clothes because my new pink sarong can serve as ANY article of clothing!

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Leesa said...

you girls are strange.. very strange :) I can't wait until you visit wearing your sarong.

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Rachel said...

Love it! Although I hear there are more pictures - I think I should see them all sometime for the full effect :)

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