Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Don't let this somewhat hesitant demeanor fool you. The boy is a fish-wanna-be.

My big, gonna-be-three-in-nine-days, boy has almost no fear of the water. He runs full-speed into water up to his neck, totally oblivious of that fact that he can't swim. On this particular beach trip, our first trip of the summer, I didn't plan on swimming because I thought the lake would be too cold. I had no idea that my son was Mr. Fearless Fish Man, and that I would have to be in the water with him to keep him from trying to swim across the lake. I ended up in the water up to my waist, fully clothed, but thankfully, the water was warm.

We had signed Colter up for swimming lessons this summer before we knew how comfortable he would be in the water this year. I was kind of concerned that I would end up with a panicked boy clinging to my neck when we venture into the city pool for the first lesson next week, but I don't think I have anything to worry about.

After swimming and a beach picnic, we went to the local marina with some friends for some cheap entertainment--fish feeding! As I was grabbing some stuff out of the car, Colter walked with his friend, Riley. When I looked ahead, this is what I saw--Colter with an older woman. I wonder who made the first move?

These carp were practically jumping up on the docks to get our fifty cent bag of fish food. I considered reaching down to grab one, but I was too chicken.
We love SUMMER!


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You have a beautiful family. :)
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