Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer 2010 Missouri Travels Part I-Maramec Spring Park

This summer, instead of taking a long camping trip, we plan on taking a series of smaller trips around Missouri. We thought about taking a longer trip to see the redwood trees in California with my family, but came to our senses and concluded that traveling by car with a three-year-old a distance that would take three whole days was an INSANE idea and decided to keep it local this summer. Plus, we’re probably saving millions of dollars on gasoline. Well, maybe not millions but it has to be close. I can’t even imagine how many times we’d have to fill up the tank to travel to California. :)

Our first destination was Meramec Caverns near Stanton, MO to camp for a few days. On the way there, we stopped at Maramec Spring Park near St. James, MO. I had no idea something so stunning existed only a few hours away from my home. The park is one of four trout parks in Missouri and has beautiful trout-filled pools fed by Maramec Spring. The pristine waters are such a pretty blue very unlike most Missouri streams and rivers. We stopped by the park to picnic and play at a great playground and were glad we did. Some day we’ll have to plan a camping trip there so we can enjoy exploring the park more.

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