Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who Needs Toys?

Good Morning!
For someone who spent a lot of the night trying to push his mother out of bed, Colter certainly looks well rested, doesn't he? Colter hasn't spent a whole night in his crib in I don't know how long. He misses his Mommy and Daddy too much I guess. I don't have a problem with him sleeping in the middle part of the time--as long as he's in the middle. For the past two nights, he's scooted closer and closer to me until he finally sits up in the dark and plops himself down right on top of me! He's practically on my head, but more on my upper back I guess (I'm a stomach sleeper) with his arms draped over my head, so he can caress my hair (my hair is his security blanket--sweet, but sometimes inconvenient). Of course, after a twenty-some pound baby makes himself at home on top of me, I'm wide awake. Then my stifled giggles and struggles to get Colter off my head and back in the middle of the bed wake up my husband too. Sigh. Who needs sleep anyway?
After a gourmet breakfast of mashed bananas and cereal, it was time to play toys! The basket is full of more toys, and if we get tired of those toys there's more in the bedroom. Fun times!
Wow!  A lens cap
Toys? Who needs toys? There's a handy lens cap over here! That's much more fun.
Oh and look here! A piece of paper! Paper is Colter's favorite thing--Fisher-Price is over rated.
Colter also played with a lotion bottle, the entertainment center, a piece of fuzz, and then, as you can see, he went for the camera!

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Sarah Boyd said...

I've yet to meet a child who enjoyed their toys as much as they enjoyed playing with (and chewing on) everything else!

Hope you're enjoying being a stay at home mommy although I miss seeing you around. However, blogging is a great way to keep up so, welcome to the world of blogging, just be warned it is addictive!