Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun with Blocks

Colter got some alphabet blocks for Christmas that for some reason are for ages three and up. Well, this week after Colter had removed all the dvds from the entertainment center, took all his books from the shelf four times, spread a pack of diapers all over his room, etc. I opened up the blocks in an attempt to distract him for awhile (I baby-sat for a newborn a few days this week that took 45 minutes or so to eat--it was hard to feed the baby and keep Colter out of things at the same time!). He LOVES the blocks. As long as I keep building towers, they'll keep his attention for a long time. He knocked down blocks for almost an hour a few times!

I don't know why the blocks are only for ages three and up. Anybody know? I guess if Colter decided to throw them, it wouldn't feel good, but don't three-year-olds throw things too? They're probably tainted with lead paint that's only safe for those over three or something weird like that.

Anyway, since there isn't a FFF theme this week, here's a Favorite Video Friday for your enjoyment.


Steve & Amy said...

I am glad I am not th only one who has as kid that gets into EVERYTHING! What a sweet video!!! I just love his laugh!!!!

Heidi said...

Colter is such a doll! Isn't knocking over blocks fun? Maybe they're 3 and up because they are wooden so they are hard? I think the makers of the toy have to be extra careful to avoid lawsuits so they put the age higher. :)

Stephanie said...

Baby slobber and sweet little giggles...wonderful memories for me of Alex! You will be glad that you put that on video.

By the way, I got Tagged and thought about tagging you. Well, I guess I am unofficially. The rules are on my blog...all u do is post 7 things about yourself so everyone in blogland can get to know you!

Have a great week with that sweet baby!

OHmommy said...

Awww.... I love that babies can laugh about anything!

Not Your Regular Mini Van Mom said...

He is just gorgeous. I never really understood alot of the age limits on toys, my boys always seemed to be using toys properly before the age on the package..who knows?