Friday, August 22, 2008

FFF-Friends with Stuffing (Make Sure to Look at the End)

Hooray for friends with stuffing! Colter's best friend with stuffing his definitely Lambie (I'm not sure the picture at the end of this post demonstrates that though), but he has lots of other stuffed comrades! Colter has reaped the benefits of the fact that his mother was a deranged Beanie Buddy collector back in the day. I purchased entirely too many stuffed animals when there was a Ty Beanie Baby craze but justified my purchases by planning to decorate a nursery someday. The poor guys lived in storage containers until Colter finally came along! Now some of them (not the girly ones) are finally free living on a few shelves in Colter's jungle room. Almost daily, they are swept off the shelves by Hurricane Colter. They also have gotten to play a new game lately. My boy loves it when I throw a ton of stuffed animals in the crib with him, so he can throw them out one by one.

Here he is with his buddies!
Uh oh...I think his Cabbage Patch Kid, Austin Colton, may be headed for a nose dive!Oh, no!Poor Austin. Sigh. The trials of being owned by a one-year-old.Colter really does love his friends with stuffing, even though
he brutally tosses them from high places.See he even gives them kisses; although, I'm not sure this kiss was too pleasant for Mr. Panda. I'm pretty sure it included some nose-chewing. :)
Makes sure you go to Kiss the Frog 4 Me to see more FFF pictures!
This is my 99th post! To celebrate my 100th post, I think I'll give something away tomorrow. Come by for your chance to win!


Jenn said...

How cute! I wonder why all kids love to do that? I will give the names of my winners in the morning and it's my birthday ! Funny how you are giving away something for your 100th post and I am for my birthday ,shouldn't we be the ones getting something? haha
Hope you have a great day!

MICHELLE said...


Leslie said...

Yep everyone loves their lambie ..I think i spell it wrong..Abby is Lamby! LOL

Sarah said...

Colter is adorable with all his stuffed friends~!

I have way too many beanie babies from the day too... I can't believe how much money I spent on them - ridiculous!

Rachel said...

Adorable - and I bet all of his stuffed animals love the kisses (even if they have a nibble hear and there). Riley still loves the beanie duck you gave her lots!!

Jennifer said...

Ah, yes! I remember well the days of mommy picks it up, baby throws it on the floor, mommy picks it up, baby throws it on the floor, over & over again!

You need to do a post of Colter's bedroom (for all of us decorating fanatics) looks really cute from what I can see!

Heidi said...

Oh, poor Austin Colton!

Debbie said...

Its a game the kids love to play!! Poor cabbage patch baby!


Amanda said...

Haha! He sure is a funny boy! Yay for 100! I'll try and be back.. not sure if I'm gonna be around tomorrow..hopefully!

Violet said...

I love the picture of his crib filled with stuffed friends and he can't even sit down! I use to sleep with all my stuffed toys/dolls. Now I just sleep with 9 pillows (slight exageration but several) lol. I guess that's why I'm not married yet, I'm not ready to give up all my pillows.

R. Sherman said...

Greetings from Missouri!

Thanks for stopping by my place. Your son is a cutie. I miss my kids at that age. Now, I'm dealing with a 17 year old daughter, a seventh grade son and our 9 year old "accident."

Good times!


Jenn said...

Just wanted to let you know,you are one of my winners! Come on over and see !

Heidi said...

Once again, too cute!

Congrats on the 100th post in coming!!! (I will be gone the rest of the weekend so I may not see it until Monday.)

It has been fun finding you through the blogworld! Sincerely, Heidi

ANDREEA said...

Thank you for reading my blog,Your little angel is soooo cute!!I love his name,too...COLTER,nice it's rare...:)

Robyn said...

What cute pics!!


Tracy'sspace said...

That is too sweet! We even have some beanie babies and a cabbage patch doll!
Brenda loves them too, and when she was a baby my sister won her a whole farmyard from those claw games at the amusement arcades. Just wanted to say:
Pirate food for Brenda was:
Sea Water - Blue energade
SKulls - bought sweets in the shape of skulls
Sword - banana
treasure - chocolate coins
and Brendas contribution (she made it herself)
Rotten Bread - white bread with splodges of green food colouring
Sharks blood and gizzards - mayonaise mixed with ketchup (she actually had no idea what gizzards were, but said it sounded good)
and turtle liver - sliced hotdog sausages.
Let me tell you, that sandwich looked terrible, but she ate it, and even used it in the oral she had to do!

Christina said...

See- you were right to buy all those Beanie babies- bet you didn't think they'd provide THAT much entertainment (or clean up) LOL He is just too cute for words! Hope you're having a great weekend!